Super Mini SFC classic mini HD TV Entertainment System

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SNES shape and look:

Almost all your favorite games of the 80s and 90s in a retro console.

It has 621 games! Play your favorites like Mario Bros, Dr Mario, Super Mario Bros 3, Pacman 3, Robocop 2-3-4, Tetris, Tiny Toon, Donkey Kong, Dragon, World Cup Soccer, Alladin 3, Angry Bird, Hello Kitty, Tennis , Toy Story, Karateka, Pizza Boy, Mickey Mouse, Popeye and more.

High HD analysis.

Durable materials.

Ideal for 2 players, with 2 wired remote controls.

Connects to any modern TV via HDMI cable.

Does not support game cards.

A never ending journey of fun and memories!

Includes: 1 game console, 2 controls, 1 power plug, 1 HDMI / AV output cable.

Game Analysis: 8 Bit

Screen size: 2.5 "

Charging voltage: 100-240V AC

Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 5 cm

AC / DC Input: 110-220V