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 King's Pawn (KingStreet Pawnbrokers), 185 King St W, Chatham, ON N7M 1E4









Do you buy gold? 

Yes we buy jewelry/gold, scrap jewelry, broken jewelry and unwanted jewelry. The price per once varies and you will need to bring the jewelry in person to get a pricing done.

What can I bring in on a loan?

New electronic, cell phones, tv, gold jewelry,  tools and much more!

How does a loan work? 

Pawn Shops are like banks, but we give out smaller size loans! We give loans using collateral, meaning you need to bring an item of value to use for this transaction. We keep your item safe in-store, and give it back once you pay the loan …If you are further curious, stop by or give us a call. Requirements: 18 Years or Older / Government ID.

What are we looking for as inventory?

Any newer electronics, gold, televisions, tools

Do you do payday loans?

No unfortunately we do not.

What if I don`t come back for my loan?

If the customer does not return to repay the loan amount or make arrangements, the pawnshop keeps your item. Aside from the customer losing possession of the item, there are no other consequences — no collection action and no legal effect on your credit report. You can also return and do more loans in the future.