Nintendo N64 Controller

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Wired Unofficial N64 Controller:

  • 1.This controller is compatible with n64 console, third-party product, it is great replacement for original n64 controller.
  • 2.Rumble Pak & Memory Card Feature. Provides force feedback while playing video games. Enhances the gaming experience. Note: This controller doesn’t contain Memory Card and Rumble Pak in package, need to purchase separately.
  • 3.It has 10 function buttons ( Included Left and Right shoulder buttons and Z-trigger ), an improved analog stick/thumb joystick, which brings you tight and accurate anolog controls in the games.
  • 4.The controller shaped like an M, based on ergonomic and designed to fit your hands nicely, easier to grip than other controllers.
  • 5.It is wired controller, had a push-on connector, easy to plug and play for a long time use, the cord is approx. 1.7 meters (6ft). It supports extension cord, if you want to play cross the room, you can buy n64 extension cord separately.