PowerDel 5” LED Candle | Real Candle wax | Programmable lighting

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Set the mood of your home with PoweDel’s 5” LED candle with real wax inside. Decorate or illuminate your home like never before with these LED candles. 

  • Choose from 12 different colors settings and various lighting effects. 
  • Get the benefits of a real candle without having to replace it regularly. 
  • Worried about how long the candle will be on? Worry no more as you can preset how long the LED candle is active 
  • LED candle can be plugged in or powered by rechargeable batteries. (Triple AAA batteries sold separately) 

Bring home the LED candle today and brighten your home every day. 

What is included in the box? LED candle, remote control and CR2032 batteries for the remote